Membership Application

Please do NOT fill out this application without being invited to do so by a current Maitreya member. We only consider applications from people who have a space to move into. To find out if there might be a space for you, please write to Thank you!

Membership Application


Person who invited you to apply

Which house are you applying to live in?

Do you know anyone currently living at Maitreya?

Why do you want to live in community?

Why this community?

Have you ever lived in community? If so-please describe the community and your role/experience there.

Write about any experience you may have had in which you contributed to a sense of community, be it an intentional community or other (large family, neighborhood, special interest group, etc.)

How does your lifestyle reflect your political/ environmental/ moral concerns?

What does good communication mean to you?

Describe an interpersonal conflict you were involved in in the past and how you have grown from that experience. Please dig down and relate a few honest strengths and weaknesses you find in yourself.

Do you have any vision of how long you see yourself living at Maitreya?

Will children or pets be living with you?

Do you have a criminal history? Are you open to a background check?
(a criminal record does not mean we don’t want to live with you, we just appreciate honest disclosure)

Do you have any special needs? (physical, emotional, dietary, etc.)

Do you own a motor vehicle?

What are your party habits?

Describe your personality as if it were a food.

What would your ideal neighborhood/ village feel or be like?

How do you imagine contributing to this community (talents, skills, motivations, desires…) and how much time do you think you will have to contribute?

Have you read the Maitreya Handbook?

Please provide us with at least three character references

What’s the best way to contact you? Please leave email and/or phone number.